The Ultimate Guide to LG Signature OLED R Price: Comprehensive Review and Analysis


In our constant pursuit of advancement and perfection, we find ourselves in the era of LG Signature OLED R, a product that encapsulates the epitome of design and technology. We’re going to delve deep into the price spectrum of this marvel of technology and how it’s worth every penny.

An Overview of LG Signature OLED R

The LG Signature OLED R isn’t merely a television; it’s a piece of revolutionary tech that breathes elegance and exemplifies precision. Possessing an incredible rollable display, a first in the consumer market, this television redefines the meaning of luxury.

Design and Installation

The term "effortlessly stunning" encapsulates the design philosophy of the LG Signature OLED R. When not in use, the screen seamlessly rolls back into the base component, creating additional room space. The discreet installation process, a gracious blend of tech and art, further adds to its appeal.

Display and Performance

With a 65-inch OLED screen, viewers are guaranteed a visually stunning experience. The 4K resolution screen facilitates four times the resolution of full HD, presenting picture-perfect precision. Coupled with Dolby Vision IQ and Atmos support, viewers are in for a cinematic journey in the comforts of their home.

The Pricing Factor of the LG Signature OLED R

Understanding the price of the LG Signature OLED R requires an understanding of its unique class-setting features.

Revolutionary Screen

While costlier than most televisions, the rollable screen feature is a game changer – a product of unwavering innovation. This tech marvel pushes the envelope in terms of functionality and design, far surpassing rivals in both areas.

Sound Quality

The built-in 4.2 channel, 100W front-facing Dolby Atmos speaker array is another reason justifying the higher price tag. With sound quality akin to a high-end separate sound system, it offers aural luxury to match the visual feast.

Smart Features

Equipped with the recent WebOS, this LG set features a full array of smart features. With the addition of Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Apple AirPlay 2, buyers get more than just a television; they get an all-in-one smart device.

Is the LG Signature OLED R Value for Money?

The LG Signature OLED R sits atop the pinnacle of technological grandeur. With its unique blend of sophisticated design, radical functionalities, and impeccable performance, this television is more than just a viewing device. It’s a futuristic piece of art.

Ultimately, the LG Signature OLED R price may seem hefty at first glance, but, once dissected into its core components and distinguishing elements, it proves to be an investment in transformative technology and unparalleled luxury.


The LG Signature OLED R merges the boundary between technology and design to create a product that is as delightful to watch as it is to use. It’s a testament to LG’s philosophy of relentless innovation, setting new benchmarks in design, performance, and price. Indeed, the LG Signature OLED R price is a testament to the groundbreaking venture that transcends traditional television norms.

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